Finished the last stitches on my 'Fiesta' table runner yesterday and I am just thrilled with how my experiment turned out!  But before I show you - here's the story...

Earlier in the year, I had a (huh hum!) birthday and my girlfriends in Stockholm bought me this fantastic bowl.  I was over the moon with it and it has been sitting in our dining room ever since.  I loved the striking design and the colours and thought that perhaps I should have a go at making a table runner to complement it. Fiesta1
I was thinking about what to do and rummaging in my stash of fabrics when I remembered an embroidery kit that had been sitting in my 'to do' basket for far too long.  It was perfect and I set to work. Fiesta2
I used fusible web to add the little bit of patchwork to some of the leaf segments.  I simply traced the shape onto the (roughside - because you have to reverse it) fusible web, ironed it on to the fabric, peeled off the back and ironed it directly onto the linen.  I then used invisible thread (more about this 'fab' product soon) to stitch a tiny weeny zig-zag stitch around the edge to be sure there wouldn't be any fraying and then did some decorative stitching over the top. 


I thought it looked really pretty when it was finished.  But I decided it needed a little pizzaz around the edges. Fiesta4
So I fished around in my stash and found some bright and cheerful fabrics to use for the border. Fiesta6
I cut some random length strips. Fiesta7
And then just kept going around the edge until I had enough of a border. I backed the whole thing with a lightweight iron-on interfacing and then layered it with the backing and quilted the linen with a squiggle pattern.  I stitched around the edge of the linen too, just to stabilise it.  Then I made some patchwork bias binding and stitched it on in the usual fashion for a quilt. Fiesta8
I was so happy with it, I took way too many photos, here's just a couple... Fiesta11
 Its fun when an experiment turns out so nicely. Fiesta10
I think that a splash of colour is just what you need as those chilly autumn days approach.  I hope maybe this will give someone else some ideas.  Let me know if I can help in any way. 
 Ruby x