Winter Solstice

This week has seen a real change in the weather here in Stockholm - the light is fading and winter is approaching.   In the two years we have lived here, we have seen the differences in the yearly cycle - it is not like England where the seasons are equally spread out across the year (and the rain!).  Here it is more like six months of summer, six months of winter and only a month of spring and autumn.  The trouble with that, is that at this time of year, you are preparing to nosedive headlong into a scandinavian winter.  I am not sure I am ready!    So... as always in times of uncertainty  - start a new quilt!!!!  After my long summer project of 'Pineapples', I decided to opt for something simpler and perhaps with a scandinavian feel.  I have called my quilt WINTER SOLSTICE


When I saw this fabric collection online, I simply couldn't resist it.  It is called 'Winter's Lane' by Moda fabrics and for me.. it is Stockholm in winter.   The colours of crisp white, red, aqua and a soft brown are a wonderful combination and easy to match with a few polka dot stash fabrics to make sure I had enough for my project.  


I chose a pattern from Camille Roskelly's new book 'Simply Retro' - I looooove this book.  The designs are a fresh and modern take on old favourites, but are quick and easy to piece and after so much 'traditional work', I was ready to dive headlong into this type of project.    Stockholm is full of stars everywhere in winter... stars in the sky, stars on sweaters, stars in jewellery, twinkle lights - everything is sparkling, so it seems an appropriate choice.


I followed Camille's advice and cut everything out first - it was a bit of a job, but now its great, like piecing a jigsaw.  I love mixing up the fabric combinations.  I have made four out of sixteen blocks already!

I'll keep you posted!  Ruby x