Kaffe on the table & Coffee in Uppsala

I have a dear friend and neighbour here, who celebrated her birthday last week.  We met by accident about 18 months ago, in the little supermarket nearby, when she overhead me speaking english.  Its like that when you live abroad - chance meetings in unexpected places can lead to wonderful friendships, bound by a common bond of life in a foreign land.  Anyhow, my friend is not a 'stitcher' but in the early winter months of the year, she would come around and sit in my sewing room and keep me company whilst I was working on a big project called 'Kilim Haze'. 

Small kilim haze
The fabrics and design are by Kaffe Fassett and although it was not my usual style, it was made for one of our oldest pals in England and was perfect for him.  As it began to grow on my design wall, my friend would sit and get lost in the warm colours and the magical way the stripey fabrics merged into something altogether bigger.  She didn't want me to give it away, but when it was finished, give it away I did (and it was hard!).


 So as my friend's birthday approached, I decided to get out the bits and pieces of fabric that I had left and designed a simple, but very cheery autumnal table runner.  I confess I do love these fabrics and I had the perfect piece of batik fabric to trim around the edge. Honestly, it probably didn't need the embroidery, but....I just can't help myself.  In the end, I thought it was really pretty and luckily, so did she....

So with Kaffe safely on the table, we went out for the day to celebrate.  We took the train to Uppsala, which is about 40 mins north of where we live.  It was a bright autumn day and this city, which is the 'Oxford' of Sweden, is just charming.

Dominated by an old university and all that goes with it.... the students, the bicycles, an abundance of cosy coffee shops and old winding streets with lots of unexpected treasures hidden away in them, like this.....


I know it gets cold here, but really......

Ruby x