The colours of autumn

So, this week I decided that I had had enough of distractions in my sewing room and it was time to stop being whimsical and just simply get on and finish my big summer project, the Pineapple quilt (I mean its not even summer anymore is it!!).  So I have pretty much locked down and sewed like a crazy person.  As usual, I totally underestimated how much is involved in 'finishing up'.  First of all there are all those little hand quilted blocks.  I was pleased with my little quilted pineapples though. P1020393
I took a simply took an image from google and printed it off, traced it on to clear plastic template and  cut my outline shape out.   This ensured that it was the same size in each block.  Trouble is there are 12 of them to do!  Then there is all the stipling to work around the edges of the quilt to stabilise it.  I have finally finished that, but oh boy, do I have sore shoulders! P1020394
I still have to outline all the pineapples with free motion 'stitch in the ditch' and make a label and put the binding on - oh la la la!   Anyway, I am determined to finish it - not least because actually, I am fed up of seeing it on my sewing table.  So while I bury myself in pineapples, here are a few pictures that I took on my morning walk today.  This is such a beautiful time of year and totally inspirational for anyone who loves colour. P1020379
Oh and huge thanks to my brother-in-law Chris, who explained to me that the little button on my camera with a flower on, would solve all my 'close-up' problems - wow! you're a genius (or I'm a .....). P1020390
So, time to get my autumn quilts out - ahhh, I do love this time of year. P1020373
Oh, and a final pic - guess who popped around for afternoon tea today? P1020371
See you back here in a few more days, when maybe, I'll have a new space on my sewing table. Ruby x