A Light Bulb Moment!

Ok, so I like sewing.... no I looooove sewing, but actually, I am not really any good at all at dressmaking and have a total horror of 'zips'.  Perhaps this is all a bit surprising - I have good sewing genes!  One of my grandmothers was a milliner and the other an expert dressmaker.  My Mum was unsurpassed at making almost anything we could want to wear, including my sister's wedding dress and a ball gown for me (she flatly refused to make my wedding dress on the grounds that I would want something 'ruffley and fru-fru' - well, I did actually!).  Even with all these influences, somehow I didn't follow the lead or maybe I was just part of a generation that wanted all the new 'shop bought' clothes that flooded onto the high street in the 70's and 80's.  I must have picked up some things though as I know how to put a zipper in, cut things on the bias and put darts in, even if I didn't really want to.  Well - recently I have noticed a trend on all the american patchwork blogs for making cute little zippered pouches and I have to say....I was tempted.  I finally got a pattern from V & Co (love this blog) and on Sunday, decided to stop wondering and get on with it.  I found the zipper foot for my machine and actually it really wasn't so difficult. I wondered what I was fussing about!   The overall result ..... Its not perfect... but its perfectly useable.

So hot on the heels of success - take two!

The little vintage sewing label came from a pack of four assorted labels from Fig Tree Quilts and had been sitting in my sewing box just waiting for a chance to leap onto something interesting.  I decided to try a little patchwork on the other side, using up scrappy bits that were in my ragbag.

It worked !  Again !!

So excited - racing down to the store tomorrow to pick up some more coloured zips.

Oh and Sunday also produced one other rather sweet image - I took a fancy to the idea of a red school house block (I'll explain why another day) - it is so bright and cheerful and sits on my desk to remind me to keep focused on trying out new ideas.


Anyhow, the message is 'Be Brave' - I never would have thought zips could be 'that' easy.  Don't you just love those Light Bulb moments! Ruby x