Christmas is coming......

Well as we find ourselves in November, its time to start thinking about those unusual gifts that make christmas so special.  I have to say that if you love quilting... you will love these.   Earlier in the year, I stumbled upon this website in my search for some kind of quilt jewellery.  Spruce Mountain Designs are a company specialising in handcrafted items of gold and silver jewellery and their workmanship is exceptional.  All their designs are original  and as well as quilt designs, they also have a wonderful range of 'nature and outdoors' themed jewellery, that is just charming. 


However, it was the quilt jewellery that caught my eye and I bought some of the 'North Wind' earrings with blue enamel and I simply love them.   They dance about catching the light and shine beautifully and are wonderfully finished and polished.  The jewellery encompasses several of the really traditional quilt blocks that we are all familiar with and Suellen will be happy to help you with your choice of design and colour selection.

Quiltjewellery4       Quiltjewellery3   Quiltjewellery2
This is a fun present and maybe if you check out their website you will find other things to tempt you.... love the pine cones.....   Happy browsing, Ruby x