A Winter Embroidery

It's getting colder and darker here in Stockholm by the day and when this happens, I look to my wool stash for comfort stitching.   I love working with wool and in this instance, I wanted to make a small birthday gift for a dear friend of mine.  In no time at all, the project was underway - recipe: a length of pure 100 fine weave wool fabric, a handful of embroidery threads in winter colours and a little dash of inspiration from Helen Steven's wonderful embroidery books.

Helen Stevens is a master at embroidery and I use her books for reference all the time, especially in understanding how to use shading when working on botanical images.  She shows in detail how to work these kinds of designs and of course you can mix and match them and add a few twists of your own to make your project special.  I am not very good at drawing, so her outlines are invaluable to me in starting out on an embroidery.  The simple designs I picked, came to life once the rich colours were stictched upon the navy blue wool.

I love Dandelions and they translate well onto a project like this, especially the tiny seeds that blow away in the wind and carry your wishes into the winter skies.  

The final ingredient is a touch of 'Liberty' tana lawn for the backing on the scarf - I know this fabric is expensive, but its so worth it!  It makes for a luxurious finish and is so soft to wear.  

I was so pleased with this little winter embroidery.... Happy Birthday L, Love always, Ruby x