Ironing Board Makeover!

Hey there,  it's so cold and dark now in Stockholm, so here's a little project that brightened up a wintry afternoon over here.  I think its a great idea - come many of you have a manky cover on your ironing board - hands up - well, I did and now look at it !!!


This is such a great pattern from Bonnie Olaveson at Cotton Way.  Its available to download instantly and she has several different patchwork suggestions to cheer up your ironing board - great way to use up scrappy bits too.  Check out her website  there are so many wonderful ideas on there.    Just one word of warning though to all you europeans - I had to alter the size alittle as my ironing board didn't turn out to be the same size as the standard american one - don't ask me how I found that one out!!!!  Ruby x