A Stitch in Time.....

I declare that there is nowhere in the world quite like London.  I don't say this because I am British, but rather because I live away from England.  Whenever I visit London, I am overwhelmed by its colorfulness, its eclectic mix of just about everything and its all embracing spirit.  Everywhere you look, old meets new - historic landmarks greet new and ever taller ones and neither one diminishes the other.  Every nook and cranny is jam packed with interest.  Its a noisy city, but for the most part a polite one.  Its a working city, and many find it shopping heaven, but it is also a place where things have been collected for over 300 years.  Treasures from all corners of the world have found themselves transported, catalogued and hoarded  in the vaults and display cases of London's splendid museums.   The V & A is one such place.  This week I spent a couple of days in London with my big sis and my cousin and here is some of the eye candy that I would like to share with you.

The fashion Hall has a wonderful collection of clothes and accessories dating from the mid 1700's to the present day and what a story it is.   I mean, let's face it, we have tried just about everything - from crinolines to bustles, from whalebone corsets to huge padded puff sleeves, from enormous hats to tiny fascinators, from arm length gloves to finely knitted silk stockings.  From wide skirts to narrow skirts, from waist hugging dresses to hip hugging ones.   Looking at the crowds wandering around the museum today, all I really saw was jeans.... my own included!!!!  How did that happen?  Really, wouldn't you rather look like this?!?!?!


Or this?
I Love this combination - the paisley shawl and the coral brooch on white muslin.  Whatever happened to the art of wearing brooches?

ouch!  that looks a tad uncomfortable for me, but the bag and the shoes....ooooh yes please!

The workmanship in this little jacket is astonishing - no wonder they looked so elegant......

Always a sucker for red!
Technology and chemistry have allowed us to mass produce the comfort fabrics that dictate the modern clothes of today - but when you look at all of this, you cannot help but feel we have sacrificed elegance and beauty in our dress in modern times for ease of wearing and washing.  Its the attention to detail, the tailoring, the search for the perfect silhouette, the hand worked embroidery and lace trimmings, the covered buttons.   I fear we have mislayed something along the way and its rather a shame.

I always thought I was born a hundred years too late......

So if you get a chance to pop along to the V&A sometime, you should check all these things out and more.  There is also the most beautiful exhibition on at the moment all about Pearls  - dreamy.  Rubyx