Making Embroidery Modern!

Making Embroidery Modern has been my mantra for quite a  while - I get so cross when people think its something their grandmother did and that it doesn't have a place in the modern home or wardrobe for that matter.  There are so many ways to use embroidery and I wanted to share with you a couple of simple projects that I have done, which I think are a great way to jazz up your wardrobe, and could make that christmas sweater that you bought, a little bit special.  Having watched Downtown Abbey (who doesn't???) and oooh'ed and aaah 'ed over all the spectacular clothes, I wondered how I could add a bit of vintage to a couple of very ordinary, inexpensive pieces from my wardrobe.  I set to work with a needle and thread and here are some of the results

I thought this knitted cape looked very 1920's with a bit of pizzazz splashed around on it, using ordinary DMC embroidery thread and a simple chain stitch.

Shirt 2
This shirt looks much more quirky with some simple embroidered daisies on it.  I think it works well to try and be a bit irregular with your designs - there is no need to keep thing symmetrical - just splash it around a little for a more modern look.

My favourite though has to be this simple brown wool cardigan to which I added a small detail at the back with a couple of vintage buttons from my grandmother's button box and alittle at the front too, as I couldn't resist.


The snow came today in Stockholm - certainly time for winter woolies - think the straw hat will have to go though!!!  Happy Weekend, Ruby xx



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