Ta... da.....!

So, here it is - my christmas project for this year!   My patchwork christmas wreath!


 I got the idea when I saw the pattern 'Round and Round' by one of my favourite designers, Camille Roskelley.  As soon as I saw this design on her blog 'Simplify', I  knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  I added a touch of embroidery and a few christmassy baubbles and  some festive words and well....I am just so thrilled with how it turned out. 

Its on the wall in our dining room and will add some christmas joy to our holidays.  I like the design so much that I plan to make the full sized quilt in the New Year... but I guess you could make wreaths for all the seasons of the year using the circle as a base - easter could be fun!  Anyway,  if you want to purchase a copy of the pattern, go over to Camille's site where you can download it easily at www.thimbleblossoms.com   So, now that is finished,  I can turn my attention to the TREE!!!  Happy decorating everyone.... Ruby x