APQ Quilt Along - A vintage picnic

Hey there, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!  Hope you had fun? Did you make a New Year's Resolution? I did, and I decided that I should try my hand at designing some patterns.  I know this is not easy, but its good to try new things isn't it.  In the meantime though, I am having so much fun with the APQ quitalong.  Its the first time I have ever joined in something like this and its a whole new world!  My wonderful 'computer science' student daughter, helped me to join Instagram and I just love seeing what everyone else is doing with the same pattern and getting to see all the other fantastic work they have done too.  Its especially great for me, as I don't really know anyone here in Stockholm who is interested in patchwork and quilting, so its good to hook up with some kindred spirits.

So how's it going.  Well....... first of all I read all the Moda Blogs about this project and there were some great tips.  As I mentioned before, I followed Anne Sutton's advice and drew the block on graph paper first. 

This was especially helpful because I had my picnic box tea plate to work with and wanted to tie in the colours with this.  I tried a few colour ideas, but settled on this as it picks out the yellow.

She also recommended to make a block to start with and this is a valuable tip.  There are 97 pieces in this block and it is surprising how easy it is to get all those little red squares the wrong way around and it also helped confirm to me that putting yellow edges around the central block would work and keep my vintage picnic theme going.  I was so happy with my first block.

s everyone is saying, it is a totally addictive quilt to work on.  I then made two more blocks and really was delighted with these 1930's Aunt Grace Fabrics - they are so evocative of the period and I love the softness of the colour palette.  Lisa Bongean had loads of great advice on her blog www.lisabongean.com about cutting and sorting.  I loved the way she had all her blocks cut up and put in zip lock bags - soooo organised and Sherri at www.quiltinglife.com also had some tips for chain piecing which makes things so much quicker.  Anne Sutton also had another interesting idea on her bunnyhill blog - she had substituted a simple embroidery in one of the blocks and I thought this could work really well to make my picnic quilt very vintage.  I have four designs and  have just finished the first one and I am so thrilled with it.  What d'ya'think?

So now I have four blocks done.....love it.... love it.....love it.

Its not the best photo, I know - its just so dark here in Sweden, but I hope you get the idea.   Hope you will pop back soon to see how its progressing. Ruby x