Vintage Picnic Update

Absolutely grim weather here in Stockholm - surprising mild, but damp and dark and well, perfect sewing weather as it is just too miserable to go out.  So how is it coming along?  Such a pretty pattern and so much fun watching on Instagram how everyone else's quilt is coming along too.  Gosh though, some of the girls really work fast !!!  Anyhow, just delighted with my first 9 blocks - there's 20 in total, so a way to go yet.

Really enjoing making those little line cameo drawings too.  They are quick and easy to do on the machine and if you would like some more information on how I did them, there is a How To section on the left hand side bar, or you can click here


and this has to be my favourite so far.

Its a big project, but I think it is going to be totally wonderful when it is done.  I'm already dreaming of that vintage picnic...... Ruby x