Minus, minus, minus and falling...

Pretty cold here in Stockholm.  Just a couple of pictures for all of you that live in warmer climes.  This was our bedroom window this morning!

Frostedwindow (2)

Experimenting with my new camera, and although I have so much to learn, am loving it!

I always see photos of quilts taken in lovely summer gardens, surrounded by colourful flowers and the glow of the sunshine and thought it was time for another take on this idea.  So here is our winter garden and I called this quilt 'Copenhagen Stars '.  I think it looks at home in the snow.  The pattern came from a lovely book called 'Quilts from Lavender Hill Farm' and I made it after we came back from a wonderful winter weekend in Copenhagen, when the stars were twinkling in the icy skies. 

Working hard on my vintage picnic, but not quite ready to show you how its turning out just yet.

See you soon..... Ruby xx