Vintage Picnic and a Valentines Idea

Had to dash over to England this week to sort some stuff out, so not much going on in the sewing room unfortunately.  However,  I did spend yesterday working on my Vintage Picnic Quilt.  Still waiting for a small piece of the red and white cherry fabric to wing its way over the ocean, so that I can finish my last block (so annoying!), but the little cameo embroidery turned out just fine.

So while I am waiting, I decided to start work on the sashing.  Having looked on Instagram at what everyone else is doing, I decided that considering I had quite alot of the 1930's fabric left, I should use it up and be really brave and go for the unconventional approach.  I saw a few quilts with this sort of sashing and although it is sometimes hard to make yourself be so random in the fabric selection, I cut a few to see what I thought... and then a few more and... So VOILA! Scrappy is the buzz word and this is certainly that.  Apprehensive though I was.....I love its cheery look.

For me, this is turning into a really traditional piece of patchwork and I am thrilled with it.  I know the original brief in the magazine was 'tone it down' - I think this might be rather 'jazz it up'.  Really need that gramophone to leap out and play some Louis Armstrong!  So progress of sorts.  I hope next weekend to have it all put together.  Absolutely not a clue as to how I should quilt something as busy as this????

Finally, was down in the basement of our house a week or so ago (thinking I need to sort it out before we move in summer) and found this - decided I should make a small project for valentines day to brighten up these cold and snowy days here in Stockholm.

So keep watching to see what happens - think it could be fun!  Happy Monday - Love Ruby x