A little Scandinavian Style!

So with just a few months left in Sweden before we return to live in England, I feel the need to collect and hoard some Scandinavian Style.   It's been so interesting to live here for a while and to see first hand, these big, bold graphic designs which are so popular all over the world.  I see where it all comes from... sweden is a big country... with large landscape features and clean lines.  But first, this weekend we were in Uppsala, the university town about 40 minutes north of our northern suburb of Stockholm.  Its lovely and what's more it has the only quilt shop that I have been able to locate in two and a half years.  We popped in to get some supplies and I was so excited to find this!


I do not have big hands or long arms and always struggle with my 24" ruler - this ruler gripper is just absolutely fab!! It has transformed my cutting already in just a few days.  What's more, it is easily detachable and you can use it on any ruler, although I think it will stay firmly rooted to this one for now.  Wonderful invention.

Anyhow....quilting chit-chat aside... we then also took the opportunity to go into the town centre and despite the snow and icy temperatures, we came across a small local museum.  It was charming and these places are always a good source of inspiration.   We bought this wonderful blanket to take home.... isn't is just delicious!  I love these bold patterns based on historical sources - in this case the design is based on an old church window design. What's more you can have it like this.

or, you can have it like this...

It so pretty and with such a nordic flavour.  Wool is so important in a snowy country like this, but I think these blankets are something rather special.   Scandinavian style is something completely different to any other part of the world.  I picked up these postcards a while ago and for me they embody the flavour of these icy lands.

I am wondering how to incorporate some of these ideas into a quilt - don't you think this would be cool?

Happy Weekend,  Ruby x