Finishing Up and Beginning Again!

Hey everyone, Happy Friday to you...nearly the weekend.   So... busy week here - the postman very kindly brought me the last bit of fabric that I need to finish up my Vintage Picnic Quilt and now its all put together.  I love the scrappy, random look of this - it was a real departure for me as I normally like everything a little more ordered - but I am thrilled with how it turned out.  For me this is a real piece of patchwork.   I have to consider the backing fabric now and how to quilt it.  I shall take a little time with this as I want to make sure I get it right... I'll keep you posted.

At the end of every quilt is always a scrap bag and bits of left over fabric.  Sometimes these fabrics blend anonymously into my fabric stash and reappear in another project later on and sometimes I use these leftovers to make scrappy bindings, but this quilt is scrappy enough and I think it needs a plain binding to pull it all together.  So what to do with these pretty 1930's fabrics? They are so specific and won't really blend in with anything else, so I am thinking up some small projects to use them up.  If I put them in a drawer, they will get lost and never used and I hate that.  So I have some ideas...come back soon and see what I 've done with them.

Photo (1)
Now that this quilt is pieced, I think its time to switch over to some quilting for the rest of February.  I have three projects waiting to be quilted and I do like to actually finish things, so I decided no more new quilts for a while..... well, almost.  Having done the Quilt along with American Patchwork & Quilting magazine, I made so many new friends on instagram and loved being part of the project, so when I saw that Pat Sloan had a new Mystery Block of the Month for the New Year and it was called 'Globetrotting' - I decided I was in.  I love travelling and Pat has devised a mystery tour quilt - each month the quilt block will represent a city in the world - I wonder how many of them I will have been to.  You can find out more about this on her website .  The patterns are easily downloadable and free from and the instructions are clear and easy to follow with loads of photos.  Pat suggests two colourways, a blue and white one and a red and grey one or you can browse all the inspiring blocks already posted on instagram and flickr to help you decide on your colour choices.  As you are about to see....I decided on another colourway as I was itching to use some lovely fabrics that have been calling to me from my shelf.  

AMAZING, I hear you say.... NO RED! mmmm....well, I have made a quilt without red before, but it was tough - not sure if I can do it again.  I do love this bright green and orange though to blow away these grey winter days.  Anyhow, let's see how it goes.  First block is inspired by Pat's home town, Washington D.C>.  Yay! I have been there and loved it.

I  really like how this turned out. and I'm thinking I might embroider the name of the city on each block, so better go and find a needle and thread.    February's block is just out too, so better catch up.   Why don't you join me on this whimsical journey, I think its going to be fun.   Oh whoops.... a bit of red just sneaked in....well c'est la vie if you are called Ruby x