Valentines Roses and Snow Geese

This seems an all to appropriate title considering all the crazy weather that is everywhere in the world at the moment.    So my red roses are finished in time to wish you all a wonderful Valentines Day!   We are off to Paris for four wonderful days - can't wait!

I am completely thrilled with how this fabric wreath turned out and  have a feeling it will stay up in my kitchen ....well...indefinitely.   I think I shall experiment further with this idea though, if I can get hold of some more wire frames to work with.  

I have also been working on a quilt called Snow Geese.  I first saw this in quilt in the winter 2012 magazine 'Easy Quilts' and had put it on my list of quilts to make.  A few months ago when I suddenly decided to sort out my fabric stash, I realised that I had alot of blue/grey and white prints and set them aside with this project in mind.   Then, of course, the reason appeared in the form of a special gift for someone that suited it perfectly.  It was supper quick to piece...lovely... after all those hectic blocks in my picnic quilt and what's more, its a chance to experiment with some free motion quilting. 

Making alot of flying geese units always yields a pile of scrap triangles...think I will get another quilt out of these!

When I had put the whole thing together, I realised that with all this negative space, the quilting was what was really going to make this project work.

There are so many wonderful modern ideas out there and this is an opportunity to really experiment.  So its a work in progress at the moment....

Its a challenge for sure!  I'l lkeep you posted.

Anyhow,  Happy Valentines Weekend everyone.... Love Ruby x