Moda's Alphabet Blog Hop

After a really busy but lovely 10 days, I am back in my sewing room and trying to catch up with everything that's going on in cyberspace.  Have you seen Moda's Alphabet Blog Hop?  It started on 17th February and had sort of registered on the outer rings of my internet antennae, although I think I didn't pay much attention to it, thinking it was a 'kiddie' type project.   How wrong could I be?  Suddenly I started seeing all these amazing 'Letter' blocks and quilts appearing on blogs and instagram and well, everywhere I turned on the quilting network.  So this is how it works - go to Moda's blogspot here;  and you will see that each of the Moda designers is featuring a letter of the alphabet with a basic pattern made up in their own special way.  The patterns are free to download and I have printed off all the ones available so far  as I can see these are great 'store cupboard' patterns - we are up to the letter 'R' at the moment.  Not only do you get the pattern, but you get to see all these amazing blogs, packed full of information and inspiration.  Its wonderful to see how the designers interpret this block and I am starting to think that the possibilites are endless.  You can do initials, favourite words or even a whole alphabet quilt, which I have to say is rather cute for little ones.  I decided to join in the fun.  I have two little girls in the family, who would love these...well, one is not so little, but that doesn't seem to matter here. 

So, 'A' is for Ava - pink and pretty and hearts and flowers for a special little girl - this one will be in the post soon Ava, so look out for the postman.


 And 'C' is for Caroline - my 'ever so grown up college girl' -  modern and bright and standing out in the world...I'm keeping this for when you get home in a couple of weeks - can't wait.  (Thought this  might remind you of walking in Kensington Gardens...)

Anyhow, these little wall quilts are tremendous fun and so quick and easy and there is masses of inspriation on social media #spellitwithmoda.   See you soon with the February mystery block in Pat Sloan's Globetrotting quilt (better get a move on, its nearly March!).  Ruby x