February's Mystery Block

Phew.... just in the nick of time.... finished up Pat Sloan's February Mystery Block for the Globetrotting quilt.  This month we are visiting Venice, although in my case its a pretty short trip as I didn't get to it until today.  That is rather fitting really, because the one and only time I have been to Venice, it was also only for a day!  I was 16 and with my parents and we were visiting this glorious city on a day trip from what was then Yugoslavia (oooch that sort of dates me doesn't it!)  Anyhow, it was a long time ago, but I do remember it and have long harboured a wish to go back.  I love Italy (who doesn't), but Venice is one of those cities that pops up in romantic costume drama's and like Brideshead Revisited and makes you want to wear hats and lace dresses and waft along the canals to the faint sound of a mandolin.  Ho... hum..... perhaps one day!

Anyway....back to the sewing.... this block was super quick and I was thinking about the Murano Glass with my patterned fabric choice and was really pleased with my striped poles - very venitian. 

Never having done a mystery quilt before, its quite weird selecting the fabrics when you have absolutely no idea how the whole thing is going to finish up. 


Its great fun... you can still catch up if you hurry.   Happy Weekend, Ruby x

P.S. I heard a whisper that we are off to Paris next month - don't know if its true, but that is somewhere I do know!