A touch of Glass

I am always amazed at how creativity flows along ,picking up influences from outside as it goes, sometimes unexpectedly... and this story and the resulting project is just exactly so.

I first discovered the designer Alison Glass several months ago when I was searching on Etsy for some text print fabric for a quilting project.  Alison has this really fun range of fabrics in a wonderful range of colours, that is super useful in making traditional quilts alittle more modern.

Anyhow, once I discovered her website, a whole new colour palette was before me.  Her fabric ranges are just delicious - modern and a bit quirky, the prints are in a stunning colours and what's more... she has some absolutely fab embroidery designs.  You can find her on www.alisonglass.com - check it out - super cool.  So I waited for the postman to bring me a parcel over the ocean and was so thrilled when I opened it to find that the colours looked even more enticing than on the computer screen. 

So this is how it went..... first I started with the embroidery.  I picked red linen to work on (I know... I know....surprise surprise!) and used pearl cotton thread in colours that coordinated with the fabrics.  The design was easy and fast to do and a lovely little project to work on in the evenings in front of the TV.   After I was about half way through, I could see that this was going to be super pretty, but when my husband glanced over my shoulder and said... that's cool, but what is it?  I thought...exactly....what am I going to do with it.

Then came the weekend, friends to stay and a party and all was busy...busy.  One of my dear friends who came over on Saturday gave me this wonderful and unexpected gift of a lovelyswedish glass bowl.  Did you know that Sweden is famous for its glassware?  They have this way of whipping colour into the glass, like a whisper and its so striking.   Sometimes its really ultra modern and a bit wacky for a vintage girl like me, but sometimes it is just beautiful like this little piece.  We are coming to the end of our three year assignment in Stockholm and it was totally fab to get this little bowl - I love it.  But after everyone had gone and the weekend was over...I started thinking about it, as I knew that I had this colour thread in my little embroidered bubble.    I stood it on my piece of linen.  WOW.  I know my mantra for this year was to experiment with colour - but this really was a departure.  I decided instantly that the two pieces belonged together, but how.

So I added some swirling running stitches in coloured thread to my circular embroidery and then I reached for the fabric.  I thought that as it was all so curvy and round, I should contrast with some straight lines and angles and I started cutting triangles and joining them in a sort of colour wave.

When I had finished several rows and joined them together to form a square, I put it next to the embroidery and it didn't fit at all.  It was too blunt and there was no flow to the design.   I decided that I needed to keep to the circular theme, so using my circular rulers and freezer paper, I cut it all up again - from triangles, to a square, to circles.

This time it all fitted much better and with a bit more red linen and some more embroidery to link it all together...it formed itself into, what I think, is just a lovely little piece for my dining room and my bowl. 

I didn't use any wadding as I thought this would stop it from being flat - just alot of starch and some backing fabric. and it seems to sit nicely.  I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with it.


I know I have gone a bit over the top with photos, but this is such a visual piece and its so colourful, I just couldn't stop..

This has been my first journey into designing something, with help from Alison' s embroidery and her inspirational fabrics I feel I have got something totally unique and perfect for our new home in England.  Did I tell you that we have bought a new house in the Yorkshire Hills - actually its not new, it was built in 1825...but that is a whole other story and I hope you'll join me in the coming months in our adventures with this new project - all I can say is that is perfect for quilts..... and embroidery ...and ....and....