Globetrotting Block of the Month and Friday thoughts....


So, I actually managed to do my Globetrotting Block of the Month before the last day - next month I am determined to get to it before there is a '20 something' in the date!  Anyhow... this month Pat Sloan's block is 'CHICAGO'.  Mmmmm can't really say I have been there, though would love to go to the Windy City.   I did stop over at the airport once... does that count?  I guess sort of.   This block though is absolutely lovely and I can see me using this design again.  I picked very upbeat colours to help try to usher in Spring time... has she forgotten to tiptoe across this part of the world I wonder!  This was our garden at breakfast time yesterday morning!

Breakfast time
The idea of a mystery Block of the Month is turning out to be so fun and now its starting to take shape on my design wall, I am rather intrigued to see how it is going to turn out. 

I'm enjoying the experiment with colour too, its so cheerful and vibrant and really only a whisper of red......really.....   Where will Pat take us next month - I favour over the ocean again...any guesses? 

On another note, I have recently discovered the fabric & pattern designer Anna Maria Horner.  I know I'm a bit slow to pick up on these things sometimes, but through Instagram and other sewing blogs I finally got there.  Wow! is all I can say.  I love her fabric designs and her freedom of thought with mixing and matching.  I took one of her classes on and I was just so thrilled to discover someone who actually liked hand embroidery and mixing it with printed fabric and trying out different weights of threads all on one piece.   Her work is inspirational and having got her book and a few of her fabrics, I am just dizzy with trying to decide what to make.   Check her out on Instagram or .  You can link to her lovely blog from there too.  Its fabric heaven!!!

So guess that's my weekend sorted then! 
Meanwhile, happy weekend to fellow stitchers everywhere.... Ruby x