Mixing and Matching, ideas, fabrics and colours!

Another week has just flown by up here in my sewing room and I have barely had time to notice that actually I think Spring has finally made an appearance in our corner of the world!  We have bright sunshine and clear scandinavian skies and its most welcome, I must say.  Our cat Basil, is bright eyed and bushy tailed and lolling around on the decking watching as the kids come home for the easter holidays - our last one in Sweden.  With finals and A'levels looming, it may not be the most relaxing holiday for them, but we are happy to have them around the place for sure.

So what have my needle and thread been up to this week?  Well, I find these days that I am overwhelmed with inspiration from the internet and all the wonderful sewing blogs and programmes I am able to read and watch.   So first up I want to tell you where this week began.  On monday morning, while on the cross trainer, I was watching the quilt show. If you ever want a place to start - this is probably it - www.thequiltshow.com has a new show every two weeks and oodles of amazing quilting stuff.  The guest this time was Tula Pink - maybe you know her from her wonderful moda fabrics, but this was the first time I had ever put a face to the name.  Wow, it was so fun!  Larger than life and abounding in quilting energy, I was totally inspired by her approach to colour, which is basically, just go for it and don't worry about mixing patterns and patterns.   Most especially I loved the insight into her design studio .... oh to die for - even a chandelier to add a little refinement to the sewing space! (definitely want one of those in my new sewing room).    Having just got her new book and my Anna Maria Horner fabrics - I was ready to leap.  Have you seen this book bye the way?

Normally a 'vintage' girl myself, I decided to stray into the modern quilting world for alittle adventure and this book is a great way to do just that.   Filled with 100 blocks that you can interpret anyway you want - it is so easy to use. No templates, no messing around, just cut 4 of these and 2 of those and off you go.  The blocks are not named - that space is left for you to label as you wish.   When Tula talked about this book, she said she rather hoped that her books would end up scribbled all over and marked with coffee cup rings - mine is well on the way already.   All the blocks are six and half inches unfinished and I decided to just go ahead and start mixing and matching and throwing in a bit of this and a bit of that and see what happened.  After I had made two blocks I was starting to think... giant garden cushions....perfect for our new home, when we get back to England.

Photo (2)
All the blocks have little bits of hand stitching on them in perle cotton #8 in fairly random colours.  I am completely taken up with the whole running stitch idea at the moment and rather like these lines of little stitches in bright colours.   I might carry this on to the sashing to link them all up.  Anyhow, just one more to go and I think that will make one giant cushion.

Photo (3)
I do kinda like this sort of fabric rave and as I was working, another idea came to me from watching Anna Maria Horner's Craftsy class 'the flying gosling quilt'.  She decorates her baby quilt with lovely wool tassels and I was thinking as I was stitching that this kind of tasselled edging would really make this cushion pop  - so I raided my knitting wool stash and made a pile of tassels, all ready.

But patience...I think I should make the back the same as the front, as cushions in the garden get moved around all the time and it would be kind of fun to make some more blocks anyways.   So, hope you'll pop back in a few days and see how it turned out.   Ruby x