Feathers, Snow Geese and a little Gramophone!

As you may or may not know - the blogging platform was down over the Easter holidays, so I wasn't able to post my Easter wishes.  Anyhow, I hope a good time was had by all.


Here is my attempt at a Swedish Easter Egg Tree - I think its pretty.  Here in Sweden, as well as using painted eggs and small easter ornaments, the custom is to decorate trees with feathers and not just window sill sized trees!



In between all the holiday stuff with our family, I spent some time finishing off the 'Snow Geese quilt'.  This is a present - a thank you/end of term present for our younger son's Housemaster at Boarding School in England.  It is a simple enough design (at least I thought it was) from the Winter 2012 edition of 'easy quilts' and is designed by Jean Nolte.  It proved harder than I expected - you have to be extremely precise with the flying geese units to get everything to line up perfectly and despite my best efforts, mine didn't square up exactly at the end.  However, the overall effect is really cool

It became an excellent test piece for my newly practiced free motion quilting patterns.  I used Leah Day's book '365 free motion quilting designs' as always, but also a new book by Angela Walters called also 'Free Motion Quilting'. I particularly loved this sea foam pattern of swirls and bubbles, which  went really well with the whole Snow Geese idea.  Infact in the end, alot of the quilting patterns I chose were very organic and natural - excellent for a Geologist, I think! 

It's cool and fresh looking, bright and sharp and perfect for a 'guy' quilt.  It is, as well, pretty much the best I can do on my regular sewing machine, but I feel it compares well enough with all these professional quilts that are done on long arm machines.  I may have aching shoulders, but it sure is hard to let this one go.....  as always....It is on its way to England today and I shall miss it around my sewing room.

All the quilting also turned it into a thoroughly modern piece and this is also a bit of change for me and helped me expand my ideas from the usual vintage bias.  I couldn't let the holidays pass though, without a touch of vintage.  I am still using up the scraps of fabric from my 'Vintage Picnic quilt' and here's a little something for my girl to take back to college.  Think I will absolutely have to make some more of these....