Summer Accessories and a glimpse of Sweden

So the days are going by and I am starting to count down to our move - 16 days to go until the packers arrive.  I seem to spend some of my time shuffling things around and today I might finally begin to deal with my sewing room - and hu..hum there is alot to deal with in there!  I am not working on any big projects now and decided that to keep my fingers from getting withdrawal symptons, I should plan a few hand stitching projects that are portable for the coming weeks and also maybe a bit of a challenge.  It wasn't difficult.  I love the summer colours this year - the bright coral and the fresh green that seem to be everywhere and as always, I have to include my favourite shade of Aqua.  I collected up my summer beads and the projects seemed to fall out of internet heaven onto my lap.

As you know, I am a big fan of the textile and pattern designer Anna Maria Horner and she has a wonderful project on to make a crochet edged scarf.  Check out the intro .  I love this scarf and I love the crochet edging and thought it could be wonderful to put on all sorts of projects, but there is just one problem ..... I have never crocheted anything in my life.  So, after fishing around in my grandmother's pile of knitting needles, I managed to find a small crochet hook and decided to have ago.  The ipad was brilliant - I sat at the kitchen table and rewound and rewound and rewound the tutorial until I had it in my head.  Not quite the same thing as having it on my crochet hook, I agree.   Several days later, I am improving and feeling quite proud of myself.  I am not quite ready yet to launch into the real thing and I did pop out and buy a new crochet hook with a rubber grip on it and this has made a huge difference as the super thin metal one was too slippery for a complete novice.

Photo (2)
I also bought some of the beautiful Voile fabric for my scarf as was used in the class.  This is a revelation to me - it is absolutely gorgeous fabric, soft and light and easy to work with.  I also took Anna Maria's class in the 'whole cloth quilt' which I will be blogging about later in the year, but she also uses this fabric for that and what I really love is the way in which she encourages you to take down the lines around needle work.   Why not use voile in a quilt and why not use tapestry wool on cross stich canvas.  Which is exactly what the next project is all about.  Also by Anna Maria Horner from her Needlworks notebook is a small clutch bag, stitched on black aida with brightly coloured tapestry wool.  Here's the photo from her book.  Its also on her instagram page.  I love this idea and how charming to make a little bag that goes with all your favourite summer things.

Photo (3)

So I'll keep you posted on how I go with these projects - its so fun to try something new.

Before I go though, I just wanted to share with you a few photos from our day out yesterday.  With just a few weeks to go before we leave Sweden, we finally got around to visiting Skansen.  This is an outdoor museum in Stockholm, founded in the 1890's in which a large space on the tiny picturesque island of Djurgarden is home to an assortment of swedish houses from different periods in time.  There is also a small zoo and plenty of entertainment for little ones, if you should ever plan to go.  The houses were what interested us and here are a few snapshots

Love this little summer house set in the garden of above manor house - think I need one of these in our new garden on a yorkshire hillside, to sit and sip my tea and dream up new needlework projects.

Our favourite place was the old victorian school house - could it be that it reminds me of somewhere?

I think I need to make the inside of our new home like this - so cozy!

or maybe I need this kind of storage from the village shop for my sewing room - how fab would that be?

And finally a fantastic view of Stockholm - such a beautiful city.  It has been quite something to live here for the last three years.