Triangle Mania

Life should be all about meeting new challenges and this Tessellation Quilt by Alison Glass is definitely going to be a challenge.  Triangles have dominated my sewing room for the last week or so, but its a refreshing change from squares and good to raise the bar a little with every quilt.  If you are following the quilt along, you will see that the first part of making the quilt is cutting and preparing all the different sorts of triangles.  There are six different variations, but the largest and simplest group are the plain ones, cut directly using the template.   I think alot of people are put off by the whole template idea, and I confess I was also not keen on it, but infact it is fairly simple.  Using the diagram provided in the pattern you simply have to photocopy or trace it onto another sheet of paper.  Then I stick it on to a reasonably thick piece of card underneath and on top I use a piece of clear template plastic that you can buy in packs from most craft stores.   Glue the layers together and then trim this little sandwich carefully to the exact size of the template and you will see it is quite sturdy and the clear plastic allows you to see any instructions and check the seam allowance underneath.

For this quilt we need alot of these triangles and you can double or quadruple your fabric to cut if you wish.  You can use your normal cutting ruler on top of the template to hold it in place and line everything up nicely making sure you have the quarter inch seam allowance included.

So it was simple enough to go ahead and cut the first batch of triangles and once I had done this, I was super pleased with my choice of fabrics.  I think it is fresh and bold and boyish - so all fronts covered then.


The next batch of triangles are paper pieced and I haven't done this technique for quite a while.  I thought maybe I should have a practice and infact I had seen a great pattern in Issue Six of 'Love Patchwork & Quilting' magazine that uses this technique and is a small project.  I  also thought it would make a cool birthday gift for our nephew who is turning 13 today (Happy Birthday Max! - hope you like it).  Designed by Kelly Liddle of 'Goosing around' is modern and funky and perfect for a cushion.  You make it in four quarters using four copies of the foundation paper pattern. 

 There are lots of tutorials available on the internet to explain this technique, but in a nutshell, it allows absolute precision piecing and perfect points using thin paper with the design marked on it.  You stitch the individual pieces through the paper, trimming each time by folding on the lines and adding the quarter inch seam allowance.  Then when your block is complete, you tear away the paper.  When I make the next lot of triangles for the quilt, I will post a few more pics so that you can see how it's done.   Its a little bit faffy in the beginning, but I assure you that once you get it... you get it! and you will have perfect patchwork every time!

I think the finished cushion looks just lovely and its a super present for those 'teens' that are always so difficult to buy for.   It's a great way to use up all kinds of scraps and I do loooove these modern text print fabrics that are now available - I used it for the back of the cushion too.

I think it even looks good on my old great grandpa's chair!  So I guess I will just have to make another one...


It's fun to make these small projects that are so individual when they are done.  Take a peek on Instagram and you will see lots of different colour combinations using this pattern.   Talking of colours - reading back over this post - I have just realised that I have two projects with not even a dash of 'red' in them - think I had better go and sit down.........! Ruby x