Diamonds are definitely not a girl's best friend!

Evening all...

So back in the curtain making production room, I can tell you that all did not go to plan.  Why oh why do I always have such grand ideas.....uggggghhh!  So... I thought making a simple panel of diamonds to go down my linen hall curtain would be a snip...oh no - bias edges, matching up, even trying to keep them all in a straight line - quel nightmare!

Photo 1 (3)
This is definitely not to be recommended.  However, I have to say that I did manage to do it in the end....

Photo 3 (2)
Rather late at night, I might add - so apologies for the bad lighting on that photo.  It is now hanging over the stairs waiting for me to actually make it into a curtain.  I have thermal lining and ordinary lining, so I just need to layer and quilt it....just...mmm  although I have to say - I think it may turn out alright. I am keep watching.

  Photo (3)

Also for a little light relief from such a monstrous undertaking, I have been catching up with a little 'Globe Trotting' with Pat Sloan's Block of the Month.  I haven't posted about this for a while, what with moving and everything, but actually it is quietly building into a lovely project.  The most recent blocks have been zig-zagging around the world from Paris to St. Louis to Sydney.

Photo 3
Photo 2
Photo 1 (2)
Basil seems most interested in it - perhaps he is going to claim this one for yet more lounging around.  September's block is 'Barcelona' and is the last one, so I am looking forward to putting that together this week.    I think that the whole Block of the month idea is just brilliant - and I shall definitely be thinking about doing another one next year.   Pat has already announced that she is going to do another one so look out for that.    I see from the video clip on Globetrotting that next month will be the instructions for putting this quilt  all together with setting blocks and I got the impression that the idea was simple... time to finish it for christmas... now that is an interesting idea!

Happy Weekend everyone, Ruby x