'Oh to be in England now that Autumn is here....'

I think Robert Browning got it wrong - Autumn is the time.   Living in the cold climes of Russia and Sweden, it is easy to forget how the seasons weave their magic in England.  One thing about living away for so many years is that we get to appreciate our country from a completely different perspective now that we are back.    I find myself thinking that England is a beautiful country with such a gentle landscape and I had simply forgotten how lovely english gardens are.  The colours, the sheer variety of plants and flowers that flourish in our mild climate and the long rolling lawns that englishmen cherish so much - it is all still here and now that the general chaos of moving and all the comings and goings of summer are over, we can settle down to consider where we have landed and what we would like to do with it.

We are so lucky to have such a beautiful garden which has lots of different areas to enjoy.


There is one area of the garden that is about to become a major new project!


Used by the previous owners as a children's play area, this little sunken garden lends itself to all sorts of possibilities.  But we have an idea......!!!!!

Two years ago we took a trip to Japan.  I loved every single day there, but most of all, I loved the Japanese gardens of Kyoto.  Famous throughout the world for their sense of calm and order, the zen rock gardens are particularly striking.  Don't you think this would be a great idea?  Need to do some planning and research for this project, but hope you will follow our progress on this....it's going to be an adventure.

I love how the colours of our landscape change and for sure this time of year yields spectacular pickings for a fledgling photographer like myself who is searching for inspiration to turn into embroidery projects.  Today was one of those warm sunny late September days that just called out for a few snapshots. In amongst them were some stunning details.


and my favourite photo of the morning....

Its amazing too how nature allows clashes of colour to flourish together.  Having taken these pics, I wanted to use them in a sort of mashed up collage for a possible embroidery design.
I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but these days I just don't worry about that anymore - there is such freedom to just interpret these things in your own way and textiles and thread allow you to experiment with shapes and forms to make new patterns in an individual style.   I used some of the imagery from my photos to try put together  an embroidery design.



I have never really tried this before and think it's really fun.  I wonder how it will look if I stitch it on linen or maybe on top of a cotton print.....ooooh I have never tried that before... Ruby x