Howdy from Texas!

Howdy everyone,

So here I am in sunny Texas - can't really believe it.  It feels and seems like a million miles away from home in Yorkshire.   After a week, I can honestly say that life in the US is very different from Europe. Houston is the most enormous sprawling city, wrapped up in a mass of spaghetti like highways that twirl around each other and the shopping malls like concrete balls of wool.  Everything is made for convenience and ease in the warm texan sunshine.  The car is king and life revolves around it.    People seem happy and relaxed and the very best part of it..... there are quilter's everywhere.  I am staying with my friend Sylvi, whom I met 9 years ago in Paris, when we were both living there.  She taught me how to quilt, for which I shall forever be eternally grateful.  Here in Houston, she runs an online business  Her home is a riot of fabric and quilts and inspiration.  I want one of these quilt ladders - aren't they cool?


Her passion is Kaffe Fassett fabrics, which she sells on Etsy, and she makes the most amazing quilts.


She loves appliqué and has made some of the Kim McLean patterns.  I simply cannot tell you how beautifully made these hand appliqué pieces are and how much time is invested in them.  


I am tempted to have a go at this one (Yikes!)


If you are looking for KF fabrics - do go and check out Sylvi's shop - the prices are great, she has an amazing selection to choose from and can ship anywhere in the world.

Today we went to a quilt shop called 'The Painted Pony' - it was enormous.  I have never seen so much quilting stuff in one place - we were there all day.  I have a stash of loot and a whole bunch of ideas that I will be sharing with you soon.  Here's a few hints:


Recognise the embroidery?  Doesn't this look fun?


I have met so many lovely people and had so much fun... thanks Sylvi and thanks Texas!

Heading home soon - catch up with you back in Yorkshire, Bye folks, Ruby x