Sunflowers and Seeds of Happiness

I have been pretty busy working on some new original designs, which I hope to be able to show you soon. However, last week a little sunny project dropped into my sewing room from my daughter.   It was an experiment and an interesting one, that worked pretty well, so I wanted to share it with you.

Last month, my daughter went to a wedding of some friends of hers from University.  A group of friends went together and wanted to give the happy couple an unusual present.   She asked everyone to draw a picture, sort of cartoon style, of the Bride and Groom and also to write a message to them.  Having collected all of these together, Caroline scanned them and uploaded them to her computer and having played around with the images a little - sent them electronically to a company called who very kindly printed them on to some plain white fabric.  When I received them in the post,  I was surprised at how clear the images were and although I was apprehensive, I felt I could do something with them.


In thinking how to adapt this into a quilt I had two things to consider - one issue was that one was printed landscape and the other portrait, so it didn't really match to just back one against the other and secondly it needed some colour pops to pull it together and take away the blandness of the black and white. I asked my daughter about the wedding and it seemed like one of the themes of the big day, was Sunflowers....oooh I thought - I have some sunflower fabric buried somewhere in my stash.   I rummaged and Voila... just the ticket.   But I also felt it needed a few other colours to really make it pop and I turned (as always) to my Liberty scrap basket and pulled a few floral pieces out.   I felt I was ready.....


First of all I decided that the piece of fabric with all the messages on, which would be the backing and was printed in a landscape format, would stay that way.  So I began cutting up the bigger drawn blocks to see how I could arrange them to fit in a landscape layout.   I felt it needed a central block to be added in, to provide the reference point for what the quilt was all about and set about designing a little patch that was along the lines of a wedding sampler.   I just sort of cut and drew and embroidered and stitched and the result was really rather pretty and in keeping with the informality of the sunflowers.  I used fusible web to press the flowers in place and then just went around the edges with invisible thread and a small stitch on the machine using my free motion foot.


Using the sunflower fabric to sash the blocks and make the borders tied it all in nicely and the result was surprisingly lovely.   

Wedding sampler quilt

I have to say that this does make a wonderful gift for anyone getting married as you can personalise it and have great fun doing the drawings - even the kids can join in.   It opens the door to many possibilities as well and is a great way to make a fun present for anyone for any occasion.   So you see, it turned out to be a sunny week here in Yorkshire.....


Next time I'll be writing about my City & Guilds distance learning course in Embroidery - it was quite a thing!!!

See you soon, Ruby x