So finally the summer holidays are at an end.  Everyone is back at work and Uni and after a few months of constant comings and goings, friends and family gatherings, it is quiet.  Even the house seems still - the washing machine is snoozing, the fridge is enjoying a little light relief and me....well, it's time to get back in the sewing room for some exciting new projects.

I must confess that in the odd afternoons when I have escaped into the sewing room over the summer, I rather felt like it was overloaded with fabric.  I decided a few de-stash projects were in order and as  it happened the chance came along to make a quilt that has long been on my 'to do' list.  Our oldest son and his girlfriend have just moved into a flat in Nottingham and I felt that a quilt would be a terrific moving in present.  Time was short though, so I was just delighted when Caroline was keen to help and we put the project together in no time.

The Swoon quilt must be one of the most popular quilts around - it is always popping up on instagram and   they are always beautiful.  Camille Roskelley's design has these large stylish blocks, so it grows quickly and it is modern and bright, whilst retaining some of the traditional style of quilting along the way.  We had a little advice from Basil along the way too...

Photo 3

 I used an assortment of Amy Butler and Tula Pink fabrics for the star motifs and Riley Blake's Swiss Dots for the background.  The key to this one is definitely finding the right contrasting fabrics.  We embroidered some Perle Cotton 8 running stitches around the edges of the blocks to add a little definition.   All I can say is that it is cool.

Swoon 2

 Basil thought we should swap it around a little and was on hand to point out what was needed.


Once it was embroidered and stitched together it was even cooler!


I am hoping that my friend Elaine at the quilt shop in Hebden Bridge (www.thequiltcabin.co.uk), will quilt this on her long arm machine for me, as it is so big and of course the kids want it ASAP.  I am rather excited to see how it turns out - don't worry, I'll be taking just a FEW photos to show you, when it's done!!!!!

Another little project came to pass as well.  I have a large and rather unruly scrap basket, which was just about full to bursting.  I sorted out an assortment of scraps that were long enough to make strips about an inch to an inch and a half wide.


 I pressed them and then cut them with the pinking shears to stop the edges from fraying (and cos it looks pretty) and then I simply tied them around a wire florists wreath.


I kept cutting and tying all afternoon until the circlet was packed tight.  It looks super pretty and cheerful and I feel saintly for using up some of my scraps.


I was actually surprised at how well my raggedy wreath turned out -  think I might have to make a christmas one.  It makes a great rainy day project and the kiddies can help too!

Rag wreath

Seriously, how fun is that????   See you soon, Ruby x