Something a bit different!

I know this is a sewing blog, but occasionally, I feel there is space for something a little different.  This week, I wanted to tell you about my 'Mad Hatter' and for those of you who follow me on instagram, I know you know all about it - but I felt that I couldn't let him go, unannounced on the blog.

Back in September, I signed up for a beginners class in ceramics at a local centre, here in Halifax, called the Artworks. It is actually a fantastic creative space for the community and there are courses in drawing, painting and photography as well as ceramics and studio space for hire.  There are exhibitions and guest speakers and it is housed in an old and rather atomospheric mill building. Our town and infact most of West Yorkshire, is rich in industrial heritage and although these mill buildings are no longer used for their original purpose - it is rather cool, when these old, often very large, stone structures are reinvented and brought to life again.  The artworks is exactly like this.  If you live locally, or an interested to find out more, you can see their website at  

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 19.37.23

Being new to the area, I thought this class would be a good way to make some new friends and try my hand at something I had always wanted to do.  It has been all this and much more besides.  We began, under the expert guidance of our teacher Helen, by making a simple little dish and then moved on to a more ambitious project, which turned out like this and rather astonished me:


 Then we made some small plaques and this I really love - it sits happily in my kitchen.


After making another slab pot - we moved on to a wholly more ambitious idea - sculpting a 'head' or I suppose you might call it a bust.  Helen suggested we veer on the side of wacky characture rather than trying to seriously replicate say 'one of our children' and I feel I rather took this to heart.  I decided to make the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.  Our daughter loves anything connected with 'Alice' and I thought it would be a fun character to interpret.   I cannot say it was easy, but nor can I say it was really difficult - it just sort of evolves as you go along.  Because it is such a piece of whimsy, it doesn't have to be perfect and that is the whole joy of it.


I may not have been trying to sculpt one of my kids, but in a way, he became one of the family as he found his eyes and his wicked smirk and was always watching me as I tweaked this and that.  The whole process was the most amazing fun and we had alot of laughs in the process.  Everyone's 'head' was completely different and they were all just fantastic.  I have to say that most of them were easier on the eye than my guy - but you know what.... I love him to bits.  

I may have started off with Johnny Depp in mind and ended up with Ken Dodd....but hey ho - he is a welcome addition to our household now and I shall just call him 'ole blue eyes'.

Mad Hatter!

Final word - LOL!

Happy Bank holiday weekend.

Next week - preview of the new patterns!

Love.... Ruby x