New Embroidery Patterns - Bloomsbury Squares

Quick update folks! (just squeezing this one in before I get back to my Vintage Linen Revival Quilt)

A whole new batch of pdf embroidery patterns are now up in my Etsy shop.   Take a little wander back in time with my Bloomsbury Squares designs as they chart the dramatic changes in fashion during the 20th century.  


Beginning in 1920 with the distinctive elegant drop waisted dresses evocative of the heady 'Roaring twenties' and moving on to the swishy and glamourous silhouettes of the bias cut gowns of the 1930's.

Etsy .JPG
1930etsyroses copy.JPG

To the bright and bold florals of the pretty 1950's pinched waist dresses ....

BS1950b copy.jpg

and finally to the 'Swinging Sixties' and the Mary Quant look.

Bloomsbury Squares #1960.JPG

Whatever your favourite era, I have to say these look lovely all together.

I have really enjoyed designing these and I hope you like them.   Kits and printed patterns will be available in September.

Happy Weekend everyone,

Ruby x