The Nutcracker Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

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It has been a bizarre week!  Despite the unusual heatwave that has been with us for quite a while, I found myself rummaging around in the garage, lugging boxes of Christmas stuff into the house, putting up the tree and decorating it...taking photos and then putting it all away again - even Basil the cat thought I had lost the plot.  However, it was totally worth it because now I can bring you my new pattern....a Christmas tree skirt.  I have long admired these from a distance as they are usually found in american homes as far as I can tell, but what a great idea.  Not only do they look really pretty, they cover up the unsightly plastic base of the tree and all those all important wires from the twinkle lights... and when all the presents have been opened, the tree will not look so bereft for the rest of the holidays.   

I came to make it by accident really.  I had a star shaped quilted table cloth that I had made years ago for my Mum.  It didn't fit on my table and anyway it was a product of the days when my quilting skills left much to be desired, so I decided to experiment with it and make it into a tree skirt.  It worked brilliantly and I resolved to use this as the basis for a pattern. Having taken delivery of some of Bonnie & Camille's absolutely gorgeous vintage holiday fabrics a few weeks ago, I was in heaven working out how to do it.   I made a plain version first and added some stripy candy kane covered buttons for a little decoration.    

Nutcracker 4.JPG

With the second version, I added some 'Nutcrackers' - these are so fun to do and the tassels on his epaulets just makes me smile.

Nutcracker tree skirt.JPG
Nutcracker detail.JPG

These patterns are reasonably quick to make and super fun and they make a great gift for friends and family too.   You can find the pattern in my Etsy shop as a pdf or a printed pattern  and I will have a limited number of kits available too.

Whatever you think about 'Christmas in July' .... it is good to get started on Christmas projects early and with such great fabrics about it is easy to be inspired.  

See you at the NEC Festival of Quilts next week if you are going to be there - I'll be on Stand E10. 

Love Ruby x

Nutcracker Christmas tree skirt kit.jpg