'Stitched with Love'

If like me you love anything in the genre of ‘Sewing things’ you’ll know how hard it is to resist when a new pattern comes out that is just perfect for the wall of your sewing space. And so it was when I saw Camille Roskelley’s new little mini quilt pattern ‘Stitched with Love’. I decided immediately that it was on the to do list and ordered the pattern. It arrived last week, along with at the equally irresistible, gorgeous bundle of the ‘Rifle Paper Co’s’ latest bundle of fabric - ‘English Garden’ and an autumn wind that just set the tone for my weekend.

Sept 18.jpg

If you don’t know the Rifle Paper Co….well….it is just everything wonderful rolled into one website - gorgeous stationery, prints and fabric. Their designs have a touch of Liberty whipped into whimsical and exceptionally pretty fabric stories about travel and fairytales and holidays. They come in an assortment of fabric weights too; canvas, quilting cotton and rayon etc. so can be used for everything from bags to fine blouses. Their social media feeds and websites are real eye candy and brighten up any gloomy day instantly….I am a fan. The ‘English Garden’ collection of fat quarters is the first bundle I have actually bought - I usually buy odd pieces here and there, but this time I was smitten….perhaps it’s the name…but perhaps also it is the number of prints on dark backgrounds, which I am rather partial to as well. Even the selvedge edges are beautiful!

English Garden fabric.JPG

Anyhow, on opening the bundle, there were two black/very very dark navy and gold metallic prints and these would normally not be to my taste at all…but I always had it in mind that these would work with the little sewing machine mini quilt. The pattern has been out for a couple of weeks and I have seen various versions popping up on instagram - all very Bonnie & Camille with lovely clean white and turquiose themes and splashes of red and for sure this would probably normally be my go to place….but I wondered if I could use these dark metallic prints to somehow conjure up the old style sewing machine, like my Mum’s ‘Singer’ which sits happily in my sewing room. This weekend I thought I would give it a go…

The pattern is a bit fiddly and there are alot of tiny pieces to cut out. Infact the cutting out took almost as long as the sewing for me. Ms Roskelley advises that you should lay all these tiny pieces out in sections and I followed it to the word. The advice is good - otherwise I think it would be impossible to keep track of which bit goes where.

Stiched with Love pattern.JPG

It went together pretty well and the only bit I had to repeat was the needle area where it absolutely HAS to line up. There are a lot of seams with all these tin pieces but actually this gives it some weight and makes the constant pressing that I would definitely recommend easier. Choosing all the little bits and bobs is definitely the best bit and I especially loved the pincushion bit.

Embroidered pins.JPG

I did add some embroidered pins and tiny buttons and the only other change I made was to not use the rainbow colour panel that is just a bit too modern for my project and instead to use the monograming setting on my machine to add a ‘Singer’ badge.

Mini Singer Sewing machine quilt.jpg

I think it turned out to be rather a cutie. Great weekend project….also great gift for anyone who quilts and just really good fun for a wet weekend afternoon.

Stitched with love finished mini quilt.JPG

As for the rest of these delicious fabrics….I have another plan for an epic quilt ….have you seen Angela Pingel’s ‘Book Nerd’ quilt?…..watch this space.

Next week - my new Shoreham quilt pattern should be ready….hope to see you soon.