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Yorkshire folk are renowned for their plain speaking, no nonsense way of doing things.  I am not so good at this!  Probably because I like writing and creating and all sorts of chattery nonsense really.  But....being a 'recycling' kinda gal who believes 100% in using up and making everything pretty ... AND in order to not feel too bad about the amount of fabric in my sewing room...I decided today, to dig deep and have a go.

Studio Wrapping Ribbon 


  • 1 chilly spring day that is supposed to be warm and really isn't!
  • 1 'over flowing' fabric scrap basket
  • 1 lovely little book with a good idea in
  • 1 rotary cutter, mat and ruler
  • 1 sewing machine
  • A sprinkle of sewing cottons, plain and variegated
  • A pinch of haberdashery bits n bobs (buttons, lace, trimmings)
  • A dash of imagination
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  • Pick out random scraps from your pile and press them.  Cut 2.5" strips from them, using a much of the fabric as possible.  They can be long, short and in between in length.
  • You can layer your scraps on your cutting mat to make the process quicker.
  • Stitch together the short ends randomly to form one long ribbon that is 2.5" wide.  Press the seams open.
  • Fold in half longways (wrong sides together) and press all along the length.
  • Seal the open edge with a zig zag or any kind of decorative stitch.   Variegated thread works well to encompass all colours and tones in the fabrics.  Don't worry about fraying edges, they will look cool.
  • Add some decorative stitching in patches along the length of your ribbon - it is a good opportunity to explore some of the stitch patterns on your machine.
  • Add a few bits of whimsy - buttons, off cuts of lace or trimmings.
  • Wind onto an old wooden bobbin to keep it neat and ready for use.
  • Make your gifts to friends and family unique and 'green' with this completely and utterly gorgeous, totally recyclable studio ribbon!

How did I do?????? LOL! 

See you next time,

Ruby x

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