Vintage Linen Revival Quilt - Block 4

Hi there,

April brings another chance to get back to my 'Vintage Linen Revival Quilt Project'.   It is rapidly becoming one of those deliciously theraputic projects.... no specified fabrics.....just a box of old vintage linens that are falling apart and desperately in need of a new and exciting life.

Block 4 has turned out way different to how I imagined when I started out.


As you know, if you've been following, I am trying to mix Vintage and Modern style cohesively and this selection does seem rather a challenge.   I have absolutely no idea where this tray cloth came from and although on first glance it looks in perfect condition, it is actually very fragile and does have some issues.


I can hear some of you screaming that I shouldn't cut into it....but let's get real here.   I don't have any emotional attachment to it, so wielding a rotary cutter doesn't fill me with trepidation.   Also, I simply can't imagine where or when I would ever use it and for sure, my kids wouldn't even look at it twice, which is tragic really because it is exquisitely embroidered by hand and I love this.  I need to preserve as much as I can and somehow stabilise it and make it useable.  It was quite easy to see where to cut really.  I cut the two pretty end bits off and the two side panels with really lovely diamond embroidery.  Having studied it for a while, I decided to leave the two semi circular bits for next time and concentrate on the panels.   They actually look surprising modern once they are isolated from the more traditional parts.   I attached them on either side of a piece of Alison Glass fabric, which I absolutely love, mainly because of the adorable little colour wheel flower in the middle.


I set this block on to a grey background, thinking it would blend with the monochrome print, which it does, but with hindsight, wish I had laid it on white.  I think this would have brightened the slightly discouloured vintage linen, instead of having the opposite effect. Still you live and learn, I suppose!

I used the scalloped border to edge this block and had intended to press it outwards, but what I realised once it was sewn, was that I rather liked this kind of envelope effect it gave when it was folded inwards.  I decided to leave it like this, but then had to introduce another fabric to form a sort of binding. 


I saw that it needed a colour pop here, to bring out the little flower and not stop it being too low volume.  The other blocks I have made so far are quite vibrant and I need to make sure that everything will fit together somehow in the end.   I chose another Alison Glass print and cut strips, which I machined on and then folded over the raw edge and machine stitched this too, being careful to make sure the ends were turned under.


Once it was all pressed and firmly in place, I was absolutely thrilled with it.  The project is a work in progress, of course.  I have no idea how to put the blocks together or what the overall effect will be...but anyhow, surprises are fun...don't you think?


Check in next time to see what happens to the remaining parts of this piece of vintage linen.  At this moment in time, I have absolutely no idea!

See you soon....


Ruby x