A Christmas Quilt!


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xmas quilt 1.jpg

Hey, how's things at your house?  Over here, we are just about ready....but it has taken some time....

Every year, it gets to just before Christmas and I wish I had made a Christmas quilt....every year. But this year, I actually did it!  I am convinced too that they way I did it, was the best way.  Blitz it!  It so happened that my husband had to go away at a weekend at the beginning of November and from a while before, I thought this was my chance.  Plan....no cooking, no tv, no anything except sewing...in pj's.   As it happened, at the 11th hour, one of my boys decided to come home for the weekend, but by then, there was no stopping me and it actually turned out to be a really fun weekend.    The secret....be mega organised.  It went something like this....


xmas quilt 4.JPG
xmas quilt 3.JPG
Christmas Quilt.jpg

By the end of the weekend it looked like this and I was so excited I could hardly believe it.   It is a fab pattern - it is quick and straightforward and looks amazing.

I hung it over the bannisters to settle a while before I started on the quilting and actually after the weekend...I did need a break.  When it was time to layer it, I used a grey Alison Glass fabric to add some weight and solid colour to the quilt and I chose a swirly pattern from Leah Day's free motion quilting book.

xmas quilt 6.JPG
xmas quilt 7.JPG

I chose a stripy fabric that reminds me of Candy canes to add the finishing bindingand then it was done and I had my Christmas quilt....so happy!!!!!

Christmas Quilt on the sofa.JPG

I loved the pattern so much that I made up a few blocks to make some Christmas cushions for presents - adding some covered buttons and tassels just made them look rather fun and they made perfect gifts for loved ones.

xmas quilt cushions.JPG

Well hope you have a wonderful Christmas and thank you to everyone who reads my blog.  Lots of plans for next year, starting with new patterns out in January. Meanwhile, eat, drink and be merry..... See you soon, Ruby x