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Hi everyone,  

Hope you have managed to find your way over here from my old blog.  2018 seems like the right time for a change...with new pattern designs and kits coming soon and events planned. Technology moves on at such a pace and new ways of organising your little space on the internet have allowed the opportunity to create a hub for everything.   Ruby however....is still pretty much the same and I hope you will be excited to see what's coming along in a few weeks.

I am still finding my way around this new platform, so there may be some hiccups.   The shop is coming soon, but in the meantime you can find everything on my Etsy shop (which will stay open, of course).  Please note that if you were a subscriber to the old blog, you will probably need to re-subscribe here and I really hope you will do so.  I post approximately every two weeks and I won't use your information for any reason other than this.   I hope you will explore the site and enjoy the free tutorials and check out the events page as the year starts to fill up with exciting things.   

Next week I will be writing about my new patterns and in the coming weeks, will be returning to my Vintage Linen Revival quilt, which has been on the back burner for a couple of months.  I will have some new adventures of a novice dressmaker too - bit nervous about that one.   Anyhow, see you around soon, I hope.

Love Ruby x